On Monday, October 22, 2018, Clarington electors will cast their ballots at voting locations throughout Clarington to elect the following offices:

  • One Mayor
  • Two Regional Councillors
  • Four Local Councillors
  • School Board Trustees
  • Regional Chair

In early October, a Voter Notification Card will be mailed to every household and to every eligible elector. The Voter Notification card will tell you where you can vote on Voting Day. Each voting place has been inspected to ensure it is barrier-free and accessible to all residents.

If you prefer to vote in advance, you may do so between October 13 and 17, 2018 at one of our Advance Voting Opportunities.

When you go to your voting place, remember to bring identification with you. We also recommend you check in advance to see if you are registered on the Voters’ list.

A person who is not able to attend their designated voting place or any of the advance voting opportunities to cast their ballot may appoint another person as a voting proxy to vote on their behalf. There are also special mail-in ballots available to electors who are unable to vote at an advance vote or a voting station on Voting Day under certain circumstances.

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