Election Signs


The Municipality of Clarington Election Sign By-law 2016-004, as amended, and the Municipal Road Occupancy By-law 2014-022 regulate the placement, maintenance or display of election signs. Election signs may be displayed subject to the rules set out in the elections sign by-law.

Election Signs must also be in compliance with the Region of Durham's Sign By-law (PDF) as outlined in the Region of Durham's Election Sign Summary (PDF).

Candidates and Third Party Advertisers are required to complete a Sign Deposit Information Form (PDF) and pay the $250 deposit to the Municipality of Clarington in the Municipal Clerk's Department.


If you have concerns or complaints about to the placement of election signs on Clarington roads, please contact Clarington's Municipal Law Enforcement Division.

Online: Report a Problem Form
Phone: 905-623-3379 ext. 2105

If you have concerns or complaints about the placement of election signs on Regional roads, please contact the Region of Durham Works Department.

Phone: 905-666-8116 or toll-free 1-866-786-8116

Removal of signs

Election signs that have been placed in contravention of either the Clarington Sign By-law or Region of Durham Sign By-law may be removed by the Municipality without prior notice to the owner or candidate. All candidates and third-party registrants will be billed for removal of any election signs as follows (less the $250 sign deposit):

  • First 25 signs:
    • $10 a sign up to 25 signs
    • All additional signs over the first 25 signs:
      • Signs up to .56m2 $10
      • Signs over .56m2 to 3m2 $20
      • Over 3m2 $30 or cost of removal, whichever is higher

All signs not picked up 60 days after Voting Day will be destroyed. The candidate or third-party registrant will be billed as per the above less the deposit.

Candidates or third-party registrants wishing to pick up their signs should contact Clarington's Municipal Law Enforcement Division.

Email: ByLawEnforcement@Clarington.net
Phone: 905-623-3379 ext. 2105