Candidate Information Package

Municipality of Clarington’s Candidate Information Package for the 2018 Municipal Elections:

  1. Nomination Paper (Form 1) (PDF)
  2. Endorsement Form (Form 2) (PDF)
  3. Personal Information Release Form Candidate Consent (PDF)
  4. Municipality of Clarington Candidates’ Manual (includes Statutory Notices and Preliminary Certificates) (PDF)
  5. Withdrawal of Nomination Form (PDF)
  6. Voters’ List Request Form (PDF)
  7. Map of Electoral Wards (PDF)
  8. Financial Statements:
    1. Financial Statement – Auditor’s Report (Form 4)
    2. Financial Statement – Subsequent Expenses (Form 5)
    3. Notice of Extension of Campaign Period (Form 6)
  9. 2014 Municipal Election Results (PDF)
  10. Clarington Election Sign By-law Information - removed. Please see the election signs page for by-law information.
  11. Policy F110 - Use of Corporate Resources for Election Purposes (PDF)
  12. Clarington Municipal Elections Clerk’s Procedures & Rules (PDF)
  13. Scrutineer Appointment and Oath Form (PDF)
  14. Letter to Banks – Municipal Campaign Account (PDF)
  15. Municipal Election Candidate and Third Party Advertisers Information Sessions and Webinars (PDF)
  16. External Resources:
    1. Regional Municipality of Durham Election Sign By-law Information (PDF)
    2. Association of Municipalities Ontario – Online Course Information "So You Want to Run for Council?" (PDF)
    3. Association of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario - Candidate’s Guide to Accessible Elections (PDF)
    4. Ministry of Municipal Affairs – 2018 Candidates’ Guide for Ontario Municipal and School Board Elections (PDF)
    5. Municipal World Receipt Book (PDF)
    6. Information about MPAC (PDF)

Note: The information provided in this package is prepared for convenience only. For complete and accurate reference, review of the applicable Provincial legislation should be conducted. The onus is on persons intending to run for office to ensure they are qualified and that all forms being submitted are complete and accurate. Only one copy of each component is provided. The candidate is responsible for making additional copies.