2018 Municipal Elections Reports

Bill 181 made amendments to the Municipal Elections Act.  These changes to municipal elections are outlined in Report CLD-032-16.

Clarington Council considered using ranked ballots for the 2018 Municipal Elections, as outlined in Report CLD-034-16, but decided to maintain the existing first-past-the-post election model.

Clarington Council considered performing a ward boundary review prior to the 2018 Municipal Elections, as proposed in Report CLD-036-16, but decided to defer the review until 2019 in preparation for the 2022 Municipal Elections.

Clarington’s 2018 Municipal Elections will be using the same method of election as in 2014 (paper ballots with vote tabulators as the vote counting method).  More details regarding Clarington’s method of election can be found in Report CLD-006-17.  Information on how to vote, including a short video can also be found online.

Information regarding special voting locations, advanced voting opportunities, recount policy, lame duck Council, changes to the Municipal Elections Act arising from Bill 68, and key dates, can be found in Report CLD-016-17.

Report CLD-020-17 outlines the accessibility measures which will be included in Clarington’s 2018 Municipal Elections. More information regarding accessibility in the election can be found online.

Report CLD-008-18 establishes Clarington’s corporate policy on the use of corporate resources during municipal elections.